If Monks place in history noted in the Oxford Companion to the Book:

"The choices in If Monks Had Macs ... were prophetic: its metaphors of pre-print MS, early print, and marginal publishing not only introduced a new medium, but also set the intellectual and cultural paradoxes within which the e-book still operates..."

Read all about it in The Wall Street Journal.



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If Monks is Free!

21 years after it began, If Monks had Macs is ending, as all good media creations must, with a remake. To celebrate the release of the If Monks had Macs CD-ROM as freeware, we’ve remade our finest game, Killing Time. Killing Time is beautifully illustrated, quick and deep.

Killing Time requires a display 1280 x 800 or bigger.

Download Killing Time -Macintosh

Download Killing Time -Windows

If Monks had Macs is an eclectic 24 volume guide to some shining moments of Western Civilization. At the moment it is not compatible with Mac OS Lion,

"Legendary … almost defies description" was MacUser magazine's description of the original 1988 If Monks.

MacWeek called the CD-ROM version of Monks, “a seminal work of multimedia art."

Download Monks CD - Mac OS X

Download Monks CD - Windows

Download Monks CD - Mac OS 9

(this OS 9 file is in a zip format that might require you to download a free update to Stuffit Expander.)


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