If Monks had Macs... classic

free if monks had macs classic for HyperCard


This unsupported software,

created by riverText in 1987 for the Mac Plus,

requires HyperCard or the HyperCard Player.

Click here to download the original freeware If Monks...

After you download it,

you enter the library (seen above)

by opening the file entitled "Imitatio Christi."


Click here to download the original The White Rose.


Please don't link to this page.

I just put this stuff up because a

few people requested it. Unless you

have an old classic Mac sitting around

gathering dust it probably won't work.

A very much improved

24 volume color edition

that runs native on OS X as well as OS 9

and Windows is now available.

Click here to learn more about

the new If Monks had Macs