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  • "The thing that sets this product apart is its use of interactive media as an art form."
    – from a review published in The MacValley Voice.

  • Our text is beautifully illustrated, quick and deep. In one of our books Bruegel's Tower of Babel fills a virtual screen several times the size of most computer monitors. The text fits into the captions to 100 illustrations.

  • We include not just games, but also tools. The New Journal, our intensive journaling tool, is a tool that helps you explore your inner world. Sophie, our reading tool, helps you explore the world of ebooks.

    If Monks had Macs is an eclectic 24 volume guide to some shining moments of Western Civilization. If Monks had Macs is 24 volumes – 4 collections of interactive media, one on each side of our 4-sided revolving bookcase. The next 5 pages describe a few highlights from each of the 4 collections

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If Monks had Macs is a CD-ROM for Windows 95 & later & Macs. It's a hearty stew of interactive books, games & music. At its center is a journaling program that helps you:

1. Easily pull ideas out of your journals for use in your writing.

2. Apply the insights of psychologists such as Ira Progoff as you explore your inner life.

the If Monks... library includes:

a virtual cloister full of Gregorian chants | Sophie Scholl, the White Rose & their resistance to the Nazis | German Expressionism | Beethoven, Bach & Schubert | Pieter Bruegel the Elder & his Tower of Babel | Thomas Nast, the father of American political cartoons | Henry David Thoreau's Walden and his Journal | Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, Nathaniel Hawthorne & The Scarlet Letter | a guide to the new journal & the world's most intensive journal writing application | solitaire for monks | a medieval adventure game | a haiku writing machine | Simone Weil, Nietzsche & William Blake in Passing Notes | The Imitation of Christ | G.K. Chesterton's Father Brown mysteries & The Man who was Thursday | the Kennedy Assassination | Sophie, the most versatile ebook reader | JFK Witness | Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness | Franz Kafka's Kafkaesque | HG Wells' The War of the Worlds | still life and protest photography | etc.

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