Meat & Conversation, a demon-infested story
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You can play Killing Time (solitaire for monks) without first finding the skeleton cards it requires in Meat & Conversation. Meat & Conversation is our illustrated, medieval text adventure game. These two linked volumes are our most outrageous mix of fun and games and serious ideas.

It's called Meat & Conversation because the medieval monks were vegetarians who had taken a vow of silence. And they never broke either of these vows — except on certain feast days when they engaged in just a little "meat & conversation." Meat & Conversation, a profusely illustrated text adventure game, is a demon infested, but heartfelt tribute to the great radical ascetic Christian philosopher Simone Weil.

Also featured on this side of the bookcase is a new edition of our controversial classic Passing Notes. It argues that the theory of evolution functions as a creation myth. Ancient prejudices we think we have outgrown, we have just re-named. A few slices of Passing Notes are presented in the banners atop the Simone Weil pages.

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The ebooks in the library's "monks collection" feature a unique edition of the Imitation of Christ that combines the cadences of Jacobean English with a modern vocabulary. Also included is an incredible adventure story and a collection of mysteries stories by the great Christian author, G. K. Chesterton.


From a 2009 review in Magical Wasteland, a modern blog for video game creators:

"Meat and Conversation feels refreshingly genuine, coming as it does to us from outside the gaming sphere-- and outside time, for most intents and purposes."





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