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On Shakespeare's stage, covering-up the assassination of the nation’s leader poisoned the soul of the nation, not just the souls of the assassins. Our media elite has, for the last four decades, condemned any honest look at the death of President Kennedy as a fringe activity best left to the fantasies of the tabloid press.

The Russians also have an aphorism that applies here: "Lose one eye if you look at the past, lose two if you don’t." JFK EXTRA! presents an interactive synopsis of the reasons I doubt the government's conculsion that Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, killed President Kennedy. It also includes an in-depth rebuttal to every every book I could find that argued that there was no conspiracy to assassinate JFK.

But, don't depend on my analysis, begin your own investigation. JFK Witness gives you access unedited testimony and photographic exhibits from all the most important witnesses to the assassination. Read my illustrated commentary on how the testimony contradicts the official conclusions or create your own commentary to share with other readers.

Use the powerful research tools to sift through unedited testimony of all the key witnesses to the JFK assassination and the relevant photographic exhibits. Browse my illustrated guided tour to learn how the testimony contradicts the official findings that one man acting alone killed JFK.

JFK Witness is just one of ten ebooks that are integrated into the If Monks had Macs library.

Computer pundits talk as if information navigation were knowledge; but, if all the world’s information were at our fingertips, would our thoughts be any less scattered? So what if our monastery library is more a stew than a filing cabinet. Grab that seat with a view of the cloister and enjoy a hearty stew of interactive books, games, art, music & more.

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