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Sophie is a reading tool. It's many unique attractions are illustrated on our featured book page. All the Sophie e-books begin with an original and thought-provoking preface. The preface to the Sophie e-book released earlier this year, H.G. Wells' "The War of the Worlds," offers a more provocative and timely interpretation of the original science fiction classic than Steven Spielberg's new blockbuster film starring Tom Cruise.

The latest e-book, a collection of five extraordinary stories by Franz Kafka and his precursors, begins with a look at the deeper meaning of the term 'Kafkaesque.'

Sophie works on 68K Macs, Power Macs, native in OS X ,and on Windows. Our e-book reader understands standard html as well as plain text. It can read the hundreds of classic works available from the Gutenberg project and the Christian Classics Ethereal Library.*

Sophie is a joint venture of FourthWorld and rivertext. You can download Sophie and its library of 12 ebooks for free from FourthWorld's website.

*(Sophie can read plain text and html files. However, the books will not be divided into chapters. Also, some of the files in the Gutenberg library are formatted in an unusual way and you will need to open their text files in a program like MicroSoft Word and re-save them as text files.)

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The Monks CD-ROM is not about e-books, but games, interactive art, music, and more. The e-books are just a little extra bonus on the CD and they are our gift to everyone.

the If Monks... library includes:

a virtual cloister full of Gregorian chants | Sophie Scholl, the White Rose & their resistance to the Nazis | German Expressionism | Beethoven, Bach & Schubert | Pieter Bruegel the Elder & his Tower of Babel | Thomas Nast, the father of American political cartoons | Henry David Thoreau's Walden and his Journal | Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, Nathaniel Hawthorne & The Scarlet Letter | a guide to the new journal & the world's most intensive journal writing application | solitaire for monks | a medieval adventure game | a haiku writing machine | Simone Weil, Nietzsche & William Blake in Passing Notes | The Imitation of Christ | G.K. Chesterton's Father Brown mysteries & The Man who was Thursday | the Kennedy Assassination | Sophie, the most versatile ebook reader | JFK Witness | Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness | Franz Kafka's Kafkaesque | HG Wells' The War of the Worlds | still life and protest photography | etc.

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